My Philosophy

My Philosophy

One day everyone will have happy hair.

My Wish

I want to show you the benefits of embracing new treatments, gained through my professional qualifications as a plant based hair colourist and using products of the highest quality, which are 100% natural. I can offer results that live up to your expectations and give you a natural solution to healthy hair in the following ways:-

Style    Colour    Care

Taking the time to create the right style for you and your hair type.  You wear you hair every day – you have to love it!

Offering a kind and caring solution to hair colour.  A colour which covers 100% can be eco-friendly. I am delighted to offer this quality service to my clients.

If you have healthy hair then you have happy hair. Why not enhance your hair by discovering the Ayurvedic Hair Spa? Enjoy a spa experience with friends or give as a gift.

Le Salon de Coiffure

Le Salon de Coiffure offers cuts, 100% plant based hair colour, head massages and natural treatments,  in a place dedicated to well-being and caring for the environment.
So why not open the door to this haven of relaxation?
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The Future of Haircare

These days, we don't need to explain the benefits of plant based hair colour. There are many articles, reports and testimonies pointing out the dangers of chemical colouring (such as cancer, for example). We're talking about petrochemicals (parabens, silicones) which are present in styling products, shampoos, balms and oils etc ... Not to mention all the dangerous aspects of regular and excessive use of these petrochemicals (PETROLEUM).

MY WISH. I would like you to experience ethical well-being using modern treatments, my plant based colour qualifications and quality products which are 100% natural.

And the results? Your hair will be naturaly strong and vibrant with a healthy shine. Your scalp will be free from chemical attack. without any olfactory attack. In addition you will have 100% coverage of your grey hair.

In a word, some all important you-time in a healthy environment dedicated to your well-being.

You will always receive a personalised hair diagnosis before any Ayurvedic Vegetable colouring treatments.

Please be aware that before any vegetable colouring, a clay treatment to detoxify your hair is recommended for the best hair colour results.


Hope to see or hear from you very soon. 

My Speciality

colour natrual

Trained in traditional hairdressing after specialising in plant based hair colour, I have now been immersed in the organic and natural world for over 10 years.


Convinced of the multiple benefits that plants bring to our health and well-being, I continually test new products either for adding to a daily routine or to releive the ills of everyday life.

my journey

I'm happy to gradually abandon chemical products and my family have also chosen to opt for natural alternatives !


It has become very important for me to raise my son with this perspective and to be able to meet his needs with natural products, respectful of his health.

Trust is Everything

As a hairstylist and qualified plant based colourist, I can offer beauty treatments using 100% natural products of the highest quality in a relaxed setting.